Our Organization 

Ohio House Rabbit Rescue (OHRR) was founded in 2009 when longtime rabbit owner, Beverly May, saw the need for a rabbit-specific rescue in Central Ohio.  After rescuing nine abandoned rabbits, May realized that not all domestic rabbits in the community were as lucky.  In fact every year in Central Ohio alone, over 900 rabbits are offered for surrender at animal shelters or rescues that are already at full capacity.  Rabbits not placed in a shelter are frequently released outdoors, which is a death sentence for the fragile, prey animal.

OHRR seeks a solution to this animal welfare problem by establishing and operating the Ohio House Rabbit Adoption Center, a facility that provides temporary housing and care for 25-30 rabbits at a time.  Currently, OHRR is leasing the Adoption Center and plans to purchase it after a 3-year fundraising campaign titled “Be the Voice”.

2012 Accomplishments

In 2012, the OHRR has accomplished the following:

  1. Increased our adoptions to 29 rabbits and rescued 41 rabbits.
  2. Implemented the Fix-a-Bun (FAB) Program- the first Low-Cost Spay/Neuter program specifically for rabbit owners in Ohio.
  3. Held the Second Annual Midwest BunFest and increased attendance from 200 to 375.
  4. Successfully hosted the first Run Your Buns Off 5K and Little Hopper Fun Run/Walk with over 120 participants.
  5. Hosted numerous adoption events at local pet supply stories to raise awareness about rabbit care.
  6. Initiated the first Ohio House Rabbit Rescue Annual Appeal.

Looking to the Future

Throughout 2013, OHRR is working to:

  1. Begin a Capital Campaign to purchase a facility to serve as a rescue, adoption and education center for rescued rabbits.
  2. Open the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue Hop Shop- a rabbit supply store.
  3. Increase our adoptions to 45 rabbits and rescue 60 rabbits.
  4. Establish a team of Adoption Event volunteers to increase the number of adoption events per month.
  5. Increase OHRR participation in local events and festivals to enhance our presence in the community

2018 Ohio House Rabbit Adoption Center | 5485 N. Hight Street | Columbus, Ohio 43214 | 614.263.8557
Adoption Center Hours: Saturday / Sunday Noon – 4:00 pm Wednesday 5:30 – 7:30 pm