Holiday Hoppenings at OHRR

Do You Hare What I Hare is a chance for OHRR supporters to give the rescue bunnies at the Adoption Center the things they want most. Some yearn for Cottontail Cottages, while others dream of willow chew toys.  Each bunny currently at the Center has a stocking on a tree in the entryway. Generous OHRR friends choose a stocking off of the tree and buy all or some of the items for their bunny. Items can be purchased at the Center’s Hop Shop (helping OHRR twice), through Amazon, or in local stores. You can leave the donations at the Center with your Bunny’s name on them. The bunnies receive and open their gifts on Sunday, December 17 after 1:00 (it usually takes a while for us to distribute the gifts and for the bunnies to open them).  If you are from out of town, and would like to choose a bunny to buy gifts for, just email us at, and we will tell you how to make the donation.  Thanks in advance to everyone who buys gifts for the bunnies!!!

Wine Basket Raffle – Donated by Adrienne Lang, this bunny and holiday themed basket has unique wines, very festive Mikasa stemless wine glasses,  gourmet chocolates, crackers, cookies, and a cheese board with carrot knife (so bunny!).  Buy tickets at the Adoption Center, or if you aren’t planning on coming to the Center before Dec 17, or are from out of town, email Adrienne at  to get information on how to buy tickets from a distance.  You just have to be able to pick up the basket at the Center in the next month or so – too heavy to mail.  Tickets are $1 each and 6 for $5. The drawing will be held December 17 at the Adoption Center.

Vet Care Matching Fund

OHRR has launched the 2017 Veterinary Care Fund Matching Gift Campaign.

Every one of the over 100 bunnies that OHRR adopts out each year has a need for vet care.  A few just need a wellness check, but most also need a spay or neuter, and a few need lifesaving or intense treatment.  Without this important care, our rescue bunnies would not be adoptable, or in some cases, would not even survive.

Once a year, OHRR asks our supporters to help replenish our Veterinary Care Fund.

This year, two big-hearted donors have joined forces, promising to match your donation dollar for dollar November 20 – December 20 to assist in reaching our campaign goal of $10,000.  

Please give generously to help us keep the bunnies healthy and happy.  If you can pledge a monthly donation, that on-going funding is so valuable.  We hope the story of Reggie pulls your heartstrings – and shows you the impact your gift can have!  

Thank you for the critically important support you can provide to help OHRR save bunnies!

Make a contribution by clicking on the “Donate” button on the right side of the webpage.

Or, mail a check to OHRR, 611 Overbrook Dr., Columbus, Ohio, 43214

Midwest BunFest – Thank you! See you in 2018!

Thanks to everyone who attended Midwest BunFest 2017!  We had over 1000 people and 200 bunnies in attendance. A special thanks to our Education and Special Interest Session Presenters – we so much appreciate you sharing your knowledge and expertise!!

Mark you calendar for Midwest BunFest 2018 – Saturday, October 20, 2018 at the same location as 2017, the Northland Performing Arts Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Workplace Donation Opportunities

Chris Baker presenting check to Bev May

Chris Baker presenting check to Bev May

Many OHRR volunteers and supporters extend their impact for OHRR by giving thru their workplace. We have supporters who give through major Columbus employers such as Chase, Battelle, IBM, Verizon, Nordstrom, Nationwide, and via United Way.  Sometimes, that gift (or one you make directly to OHRR) can be matched by your employer, multiplying the impact for the bunnies!

In another example of a way to give, one of OHRR’s long-time volunteers, Chris Baker, arranged for OHRR to be the charity of the month as a part of her employer’s, (Nexeo Solutions) Great Place To Work group, Chris’ colleagues combined to donate $750 to OHRR.

Also, Kim Eplin, a Lead Volunteer at the Adoption Center, and her husband Jon, who own their own company ( have not only sponsored OHRR’s Putting for the Bunnies event, but have also designated a portion of their profits from January 2017 to OHRR.

We thank everyone who has given through their workplace and encourage you to look into the possibility!